Shailja Parashar


Shailja Parashar has worked with Banglanatak dot com, Kolkata and Goa, National Partner and Advisory to Safeguarding Intangible Heritage Convention 2003, UNESCO. She has also worked with Kala Varso, Bhuj as a consultant, with Karma Konnect as a freelancer, with Drishti Media, Ahmadabad as an Intern and as an volunteer with Ouroboros Theatre Company, Ahmadabad. She has pursued Masters in Heritage Management from Center for Heritage Management, Ahmadabad University and Bachelors in Commerce from Gujarat Law Society (GLS) Institute of Commerce (IC) from Gujarat University. During Masters, She has presented paper 'Rural Development and Crafts : Empirical Study of Eklavya Foundation and Banglanatak dot com' in the International Heritage Management Conference organised by Ahmadabad University. She has also presented a paper in the Symposium, 'The Observations on the Challenges of Buddhist Heritage Site Management in India' from the perspective of Cultural tourism.
Her interest lies in Community Consultation, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Heritage Tourism, Crafts and Rural Development and Urban Heritage.