“Balakalakaar – An artist in every child” is an initiative for the underprivileged kids by Elixir Foundation and AIESEC in Ahmedabad. In the Program, kids are benefited with educational kits and scholarships

Roshan Up Lives

An initiative commenced by Elixir Foundation in the year 2015 to aid mainly the underprivileged bunch of people. The sorting here happens in an exceptional manner one that stays unobserved by the customary populace. Here people living by road side during the thorny time of winters are taken for thought. During eve of Diwali, every year the donation drive happens in major cities across India.

Let's Heritage

Elixir Foundation is at present one of the 55 Global organisations selected by UNESCO to work on World Heritage Volunteers initiative and is working at 4 World Heritage Sites in India to engage young people for heritage conservation and preservation. 

Through 7 International Programs, 250+ young delegates have participated.

Environment Conservation & Preservation

Elixir Foundation works with multiple corporate across India on the CSR initiatives where projects like Green Planters, Seed Ball making and others tend to improve the state of the environment.

More than 0.1 million seed balls were made and planted across the country.

International Heritage Camp

International Heritage Camps are taken across the country to sensitise youths about the rich heritage and its importance

Community Support Drives

We always believe in an inclusive society and respect every life. We are in constant touch with the differently abled communities and provide support in every possible aspect for their development.